Italy has always been the Land of the dreamers, of the creatives and the designers, with a deep bond to style and elegance. Norton products are 100% manufactured in Italy, combining the more classic line with a handcrafted production that grants quality and comfort. The philosophy that marks our labels is indeed the maximum wearability combined with an exclusive style.




Norton takes care of the materials in all details, because every single part of the shoe is fundamental. To make an example, we prefer first quality leathers, with an exceptional softness and lightness. Moreover, to keep the same microclimate inside the shoe, we use tecnical and natural fibers, like cotton or real lamb.

Even after a day of work or a long walk, the foot is relaxed and keeps a natural temperature.

Such shoes are the result of a work made with passion.




For the production of its shoes, Norton Calzaturificio relies on highly specialized handcrafted manpower. Our shoes are the result of a production department of high techological level mixed with handcrated tradition. The fusion of these two values not only makes us proud but also feeds our will to constantly improve.

Come visit us and experience the quality of Norton production.




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